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Final Assessment


The College Access Standards Assessment is a critical component of a continuous improvement process for all AzCAN members to consider how well you meet the college access and success needs of your students. This assessment is part of a process that will help your program/organization/institution analyze the students it serves, how well it serves those students, and how it can serve students even better.
After all participants from your organization have completed their assessments and the group has come to consensus, record the consensus results on this assessment and submit it to AzCAN. If you have not done so already, familiarize yourself with the AzCAN Standards, the NCAN Common Measures, and the toolkit instructions.

Please complete each section honestly, and from your own perspective. 
This assessment can be taken by an individual in a school or an institution that provides college access and success services, an individual working within a college access and success program, or by someone that is part of an organization that has multiple programs and services. In several questions, you will see a  “your program/organization/institution” to account for these different perspectives.